Health Problems & Travel Insurance

Health Problems & Travel Insurance


Staying healthy while travelling can help to ensure your trip overseas is a happy and enjoyable one. The following information and health tips have been put together to help you have a hassle-free and healthy journey.

Insurance is essential

Organising comprehensive travel insurance before you depart can save you the worry of unexpected medical costs. Regardless of how healthy and fit you are, remember the first rule of travel-if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.

When organising travel insurance, ensure you are covered for general medical expenses, existing medical conditions, hospitalisations and medical evacuations. Shop around for a policy that meets your needs and covers you the whole time you will be away. If you plan on participating in adventure tourism or sports like scuba diving or parasailing, be upfront about your plans with your insurance provider and ensure your policy covers these activities.

Don’t base your insurance on the assumption that ‘it wont happen to me’-accidents do happen and hospitalisation, medical evacuations, or even the return of a deceased person’s, can be very expensive. Be aware when organising your insurance that uninsured travellers (or their families) are held personally liable for medical and associated costs incurred overseas.